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online Medical fitness & nutrition coaching

We perceive our program as a comprehensive “school” type scenario over a course of at least 6 months. We desire to assist those who are motivated and ready to make a change in their lifestyle toward great health and wellness. Our fitness experts and physician health coaches will make sure you are staying on track with the system and will be available for regular PRIVATE assistance and follow-up. The keys to intensive lifestyle changes are proper exercise, nutrition and behavior change.






The system includes focusing on proper nutrition with diverse individual and disease-specific fitness routines that offer balance to the body, allows for a symmetric fit body, less propensity for over use injuries, combines muscle strength training, flexibility, aerobic / cardio conditioning, and core strengthening. We emphasize one on one physician coaching and communication regularly. Clients work closely with and expert for lifestyle change. Clients initially undergo medical screening and thorough review of any health history prior to starting.We do offer gene and metabolic testing in order to obtain an idea of an individuals metabolic profile.

Rx2BFIT is structured by an osteopathic physician who has practiced internal medicine for many years and also has a vast amount of experience in fitness and nutrition. He envisions fitness as a focused science that truly combines proper exercise techniques and appropriate nutrition with behavior change. Our exercise routines are structured in a specific highly efficient manner to obtain fat loss, endurance, flexibility, and muscle toning/building by facilitating the body’s physiology to maximize the production of natural hormones to attain appropriate growth and function. Rx2BFIT nutrition program complements the exercise routines to further maximize the body’s ability to efficiently burn fat and build lean muscle.

Attaining a fit body is a science and unfortunately many people reach a plateau phase in their training, hence that is where the knowledge of science and physiology is necessary to continue the progress. There is a method to the madness. Rx2BFIT offers remote/virtual nutrition coaching,training and private consultation services with fitness pros. Rx2BFIT philosophy is that in order to attain the maximal results we must think outside the box and start doing things differently from the majority of the population.

  In addition to obesity, we can assist those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and musculoskeletal problems, headaches, sleep apnea,  low testosterone in males, gastrointestinal disorders such as GERD, irritable bowel, celiac disease , and fatty liver disease, as well as various other ongoing long term ailments.  We are not currently functioning as a clinic so we do not  treat the clients from the medical side but we are there for important medical advice from an experienced physician anytime via phone call, online or text as we help, guide, coach and train clients to maximize their fitness and nutrition.   We can help all types of clients with different fitness goals but especially worth their investment if they have given medical, physical, or psychological  obstacles that are preventing them from having a fit lifestyle

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